Vidas Perfectas


The curtains by Sarah Crowner that are showcased in Excursus IV were originally created as a backdrop for Robert Ashley’s “Vidas Perfectas,” which starred a host of outstanding contemporary musicians, artists, and performers.


Highlights from the premiere of “Vidas Perfectas,” a Spanish-language version of Robert Ashley’s opera “Perfect Lives”

Recorded Dec. 17, 2011 at the Irondale Center, Brooklyn.

Composed by Robert Ashley
Directed by Alex Waterman
Starring Ned Sublette
Music Produced by Peter Gordon
Co-starring Elio Villafranca (piano)
With Elisa Santiago and Abraham Gomez-Delgado
Curtains (Vidas Perfectas) by Sarah Crowner
Videographers: Damian Calvo and Elisa de Prado
Edited by Eve Essex

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